Use PhotoStyler to create personalised photobooks, calendars, canvas prints, posters, and stationery. Simply download the program from this page and install on your PC. The program installs with all available products and a basic range of backgrounds and templates.

Keep your PhotoStyler up to date
with the latest version by using the built in update wizard. PhotoStyler will check for newer versions each time it opens then walk you through the update process. Also, you can check for new templates and backgrounds by clicking "Help" then "Check for new templates".
Download PhotoStyler
Please note that PhotoStyler is a back-to-store service. When you are happy with your creation click the Order button in PhotoStyler and follow the wizard to prepare your order, then take it to your photo retailer for processing. You can call us on 0800 576 622 for assistance to find your nearest PhotoStyler retailer.